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We’ll provide you with an attractive listing which includes high-quality images, description, contact details, map, menus and more. Attract new local customers and keep them coming back!

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We’re not only for restaurants. Sizzle Southwest also helps people find local Cornish suppliers, including fresh produce, drinks and pre-prepared meals. 

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Tell people which days you’re open and whether you provide delivery or pick up, or both. People can contact you directly to order for hassle free sales!

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We know that it’s an unusual time for everyone at the moment. That’s why we’re offering 4 weeks advertising completely free. There is no cost whatsoever unless you decide to continue after your 4 week free trial. Advertise for as long as you like and cancel at anytime.

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Yes! You can change or edit your listing details at anytime for free.

Yes! You can easily change or edit your menu at anytime for free.

No! Businesses pay a simple subscription and that’s it. There are no ordering fees or commission charges.

Advertisement is based on a monthly rolling subscription. You can advertise for as long as you like and cancel at anytime.  Our free trial allows you to advertise completely free for 4 weeks! You wont be charged unless you continue after the free trial period.

Yes! Sizzle Southwest helps people find restaurants for food collection and eat in (when available), as well as home deliveries. You can state which services you provide when you sign up.

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01872 248 537

Multi-venue pricing

Save 30%

Save on each additional venue!

Include multiple venues under one easy to manage account and save 30%. Each venue has a unique listing with its own menus, location, contact info etc.

2 venues

£25.50 per month

3 venues

£36 per month

4 venues

£46.50 per month

5 venues

£57 per month

If you have any questions please contact us: 01872 248 537

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